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One of our main aims at Family Martial Arts Centres has been to share the benefits of Tang Soo Do training with the wider community. Tang Soo do is taught all round the world with tens of thousands of practitioners. Part of our mission is to help improve human relations by the sharing of our art, our philosophies and our leadership and life skills.

We want to make the world stronger one black belt at a time 

Therefore we are looking for people who feel that they have a passion for the martial arts and more importantly helping others achieve their full potential despite their starting point.


We know there is nothing more important than teamwork. The place that we find ourselves in today is result of all the efforts made since the beginning to create a fantastic organisation and community of enthusiastic franchisees.


We are looking to offer full-time and part-time franchise opportunities to the right people. We want others to share in the success and lifestyle that we enjoy as instructors at Family Martial Arts Centres. Don’t misunderstand it is hard work at first to build your club, however the rewards are immense. Seeing student's of all ages join our classes and really benefit from the experience is a truly rewarding feeling.

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Our franchise system offers a proven success template that would give you the opportunity to create and grow your own business.  We teach you all the strategies key to each area of the business and we will strive to make everything as easy as possible for you. Training programmes on business skills, student management, marketing, retention techniques and analysis of results. It’s quick to get underway with our kickstart a program for new franchisees or prospective franchisees you can be up and running in a matter of weeks.

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We continue to evolve every day in order to offer the highest quality of service. It’s a symbiotic relationship where our success will help drive your success and your success as part of the Family Martial Arts Centres is important to all the other martial arts instructors within our group.  We are continuing to develop systems and processes, advertising campaigns and marketing literature to ensure that we continue to stay as one of the brand leaders in martial arts tuition in the United Kingdom.  Not only do we believe this is the most complete franchise system to create your business with us but it also gives you great peace of mind that you can concentrate on taking care of your students and your instructors.


1. Proven Success Model

We provide you with a turnkey kit, developed and tested and proven in our current locations if you follow our system you will be a success.

2. Brand Recognition

Family Martial Arts Centres is positioned with a solid brand reputation we are striving to become recognised in our communities and with our network of centres your prospective students will have peace of mind their joining a professional organisation.

3. Network Team

You belong to a group of like-minded people in Family Martial Arts Centres franchise and be plugged in to the hive mind you’ll be able to take advantage of the experience of the all other franchisees

7. Corporate Image

We will provide you with a professional uniformed corporate image that we’ve developed over many years again saving you time energy and effort. Ensuring we all live the brand.

8. Marketing That Works

At FMAC everything is tested before it's offered to our franchisees, including our advertising and marketing strategies. We will help you set yearly and monthly goals and will help you achieve them.

 9. Benefit from the growth of the business.

Our franchise system allows you to benefit from clubs that are opened by your students. Unlike other the franchise systems where the franchise company is the only beneficiary of new franchisees. Our system allows you to benefit from new centres that your students open.

4. Continuous Training

We constantly update each and every area of our business and martial arts system to ensure we deliver the best service to our students. You will be able to attend monthly training sessions if you wish or use our resource centre to quickly recap on 100's of training videos

5. We Simplify Your Efforts

You will have access to our bespoke CRM system. Our purpose-built database will help you run your operation helping you manage your prospects, your diary and your financials

6. Full Support

You will have access to our Administration Team,  we will be with you every step of the way to help you with any queries or challenges that might appear

Click here to find out more about how easy it is to get started

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