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Senior Rank

Training with Sa Bon Nims 2024

"Where there is preparation there is no fear"

- Founder of Modern Tang Soo Do Grand Master Hwang Kee.

National Chief Master R Salter Sa Bon Nims and the technical advisory committee have over 120 years of combine martial arts experience!   Their commitment to growing as a martial artists personally, while also helping others reach their goals, continues to motivate the TAC.


All 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th degrees are invited to participate in this special training opportunity. If you are preparing to perform a mid-term or rank testing, this is for you!

Master R Salter and the TAC will review your Forms, Sparring Drills and Self defence.

Best of all there is NO COST to participate. 

See upcoming sessions below. 


Dates                                                Location                                Topic

Wednesday 24 Jan    8pm               Bury                                      Chil Sung Hyung / Knife defence

Wednesday 21 Feb   7:30pm          Stockport                             Ni Han Ji Hyung / Bong defence


Saturday 16 Mar        1:15pm          Leyland                                 4th & higher Dan Training

Saturday 16 Mar        2pm               Leyland                                 3rd Dan Training / Test Preparation 

Wednesday 17 Apr   8pm               Bury                                       Young No Hyung / Stick defence


Wednesday 15 May  7:30pm          Stockport                              Passai, Ro Hai, Jin Do Hyung / Dan self defence                               

Saturday 8  June      1:00pm           Leyland                                 4th & higher Dan Training

Saturday 8   June     1:45pm           Leyland                                 3rd Dan Training / Test Preparation 

Wednesday 17 July   8pm               Bury                                       Sip Soo, Kong Sang Koon, Wang Shu, Sei Shan 

Wednesday 14 Aug  7:30pm          Stockport                              Test Preparation      

Saturday 14 Sept       1:15pm          Leyland                                 4th & higher Dan Training

Saturday 14 Sept       2pm               Leyland                                 3rd Dan Training / Test Preparation


Wednesday 16 Oct   8pm               Bury                                       Test Preparation       


Wednesday 6&7 Nov  9am  to       Stanley House Hotel            Ko Dan Ja Event

/Thursday                   4pm  


Please Note that is addition to the above published dates - Master Salter is running other dates for Students in 

North Lancashire.  Message Him direct for details. 

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